This one gives me an idea for a new shirt
It's already evident in shopping malls and Target, neon shirts and styles reminiscent of the 80's are totally the rage (cheesy 80s reference:). Since neon colored shirts are already so bright, it's necessary to choose your ink colors wisely as to not compete for attention, only to compliment. After all, it's the message on the shirt that is the most important. When printing on neon colored garments, it's absolutely necessary to undercoat all images with white ink (which is considered a color). Most likely you're using white in your image already, so it won't be an unexpected charge. On the flip-side, using neon inks on dark color shirts is also a great way to get noticed (and probably my favorite). You can add an immediate retro look to any garment this way. Just Google Neon Shirt Designs for some great ideas! Whatever you decide, Cincinnati Custom T-shirts and Apparel by Alternative Motive will help you make your idea a reality. Don't have a clue, but need shirts? We specialize in ideas. Give us a call or drop us a line.