Client Only Custom T-shirt Designer Site Just Launched!


Blue Oven Bakery – 1st customer on new site

Cincinnati Custom Tees just launched a Client Only T-shirt Designer site! Now Custom T-shirt customers of ours can order and re-order as few as 1 item. Plus, they can choose from hundreds of apparel items, choose the colors, size and placement of their artwork, in addition to adding text, etc. Best of all, it is a free service.

It’s awesome, and it is just another added benefit of using us to print your items! Remember, we’re not just another t-shirt printing assembly line production company. We want to make sure that you get the best return on your investment, and will consult you on the best way to do it! Even if it means spending less money!

We produce our own designs to sell online and wholesale (City State Tees), so we understand that ROI is king when it comes to your advertising/marketing dollars. Especially in this day and age. Drop us a line any time to see how, or if we can help.

Quick true story:

“Just yesterday, I received a call from a girl in Lexington, KY (Molly) that was trying to start her own t-shirt branded line. She contacted me to do some printing for her. However, after discussing her ideas/plan, I was able to draw on my own similar start-up experiences to help guide her on the path to success…and it didn’t involve me as her printer.” – Logan Wallace, Owner