Chicago’s Tree-Lined Ugly Side

Chicago Shirt Design

This past weekend, I spent time in Chicago, IL, which so happens to be one of the first City State t-shirt designs offered outside of our original Cincinnati, OH shirt. With all that is glorious in Chicago, like the Lake, Northwestern University and it’s surrounding Evanston area, charming tree-lined city streets with beautiful architecture, and parks within every neighborhood. Events such as festivals, seem to be an every weekend occurrence in the the summer, and with the great times these adult parties offer, also unfortunately, come a dangerous downside. Crime.

This is not written to undermine the good that Chicago offers, only to give a down-to-earth perspective and forewarning to all too many naive visitors and residents alike. Of the past two visits (this year and last), I’ve been a witness to 3 muggings, and just yesterday was told of an additional mugging that happened last weekend to a 50 year-old lady which involved her being beat-up and robbed.

These crimes are not happening in run-down areas or your typical crime ridden neighborhoods. They are happening in those beautiful tree-lined, safe-feeling areas with names like Old Town and Lincoln Park. These criminals are more times than not, attacking in groups (often 3 men) and preying on intoxicated individuals walking late at night. I’m not sure if these crimes are gang related or not. However, I did just hear on the news this morning that Chicago’s gang crime rate is reaching highs not seen in many many years. With Chicago’s annual homicide rate in the thousands, it may be a good idea to start using common sense (although I know that when most people drink/party, common-sense seems to go out the door real quick:). Travel in numbers when walking (especially at night), pay attention to your surroundings and when possible, take a cab. If you know of any so-called ‘hot’ areas for muggings, notify the police. Read more about the rise of gang violence in Chicago, here.

There, that’s my civic duty of the day. Don’t be so naive people, and don’t drink so damn much! That’s the new dad in me coming out I guess. Wow. Did I mention that City State Tees sells a pretty sweet Chicago dot shirt? Buy it here.

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